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Think of it! If I were to grant millions of people the right in form of a valid document to enter my country and I just don’t want to let in the wrong kind of people, What will I do?

I’ll carefully go through your application and documents to be sure you are getting into my country for the right reasons.



So do you want your visa approved? Then here are the top three things you mustn’t do when applying for a visa:

1.     Telling Lies: The first and the most important. Giving fake information, telling tales about your true intentions for travelling or attaching fake visas of other countries, while trying to prove yourself is never right. You don’t want to know what happens when certain questions are unexpectedly thrown at you, right? Your heart races faster, you blink abnormally and some body language or gesture gives you away. It doesn’t matter how well you think you’re composed, rehearsed or ready, the interviewer is always a widely travelled expert. When you don’t get to be interviewed, some information in your application or your documents will send a negative signal and there you are, spending reasonable time in regrets. If you eventually make it through, there’s still the possibility that you are found out and either deported or sent back. Bottom line, never tell lies during a visa application.

2.     Hurrying Through the Process: This can be just as risky as telling lies. You must begin your travel plans in good time to give your mind time to remember every detail you think is important to get you that visa.  You need to give the embassies time enough to look through your applications. They certainly won’t be in a hurry.

3.     Submitting False Documents: Get a checklist if you must, but be sure you get the documents you need and the right ones! Never present incomplete or falsified document for an application. Every claim must be backed up by a supporting document. Remember that you’re trying to convince a person who doesn’t know you that you are a responsible citizen, travelling for the right reasons and will return to your country without being a nuisance in your host country. So, provide your proof of good financial standing, employment, citizenship and residence along with your international passport and you’re good to go!

So, start planning right now. Get yourself ready, get your application right by seeking the Visa Assistance Services provided by Jands Travel Network, grab that visa and give yourself a perfect holiday.                                                                                                                                       





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