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Tourism and Packaging

About – In this course, the student will get the chance to learn how to package all or the majority of the elements of a packaged trip and then sell them to the traveler. These bundles can also be purchased through retail stores or travel companies. The training program teaches students how to collaborate closely with lodging establishments, transportation companies, and tourist attractions in order to buy in bulk each service and bundle it for sale to leisure travelers at a lower price than it would cost them to buy it separately.

Objective – To provide practical experience for career advancement and development in designing, organizing, and carrying out trip packages.

For whom

  • Tour operators
  • Protocol Officers
  • Tour Consultants
  • New comers

Duration:3 days

Course outline

  • Introduction to tours and tourism
  • Tour types and structures
  • Industries within the tourism sector
  • Tourism characteristics based on destinations
  • Tour operations expectations
  • Choosing products and locations for tours
  • Tour Planning and pricing

Pre knowledge

Travel business Training

Basic computer knowledge and skills

Course fee



Use of laptop is recommended

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